episode 19: How do the challenges faced by a start-up translate to the world of games? steve and vic talk about what's important to remember as you considering building a team and launching your own indie project.

episode 18: how do companies use competitive research? if you're looking to succeed in a competitive platform or genre, or take on pubg at their own game, where can you get the information you need for a winning strategy?

episode 17: Game of the year edition! - Steve, vic, and guest ryo tsuzuki talk about the game awards winners.  how much can nominations and awards impact your games success? Plus, our nominations for game of the year!

Episode 016: In the second edition of our coinstack series, we invite friends and fin-wizzes joe viseur and kristen dales to talk market reactions to ea's star wars battlefront II, as well as the future of business models for games.

EPISODE 015: steve and vic take a look at the two sides of community relations.  is blizzard the gold standard on how to connect with your community to give them what they want? does electronic arts do everything but?

episode 013: what role does MARKETING Play in the Context of gaming and how can companies use (or abuse) it?  STeam Direct seems to be benefiting mainly Valve and hurting Developers. We talk about the risk of using influencers as part of a marketing plan.  We close out by looking at how long it takes to lose consumer loyalty in a series.

episode 012: what role does earnings-per-share play in valuing a company? blizzard opens the doors to its new arena. we talk money-making minecraft mods. we also talk about...lawyers?

episode 011: how does retention affect development and the monetization of games? what does blizzard's formula for retention look like? how does the addition of destiny 2 affect this? plus, vic and steve talk about the destiny 2 beta on pc and ps4!

Episode 010: what can you learn about a company's future from its earnings call? who profits in the overwatch league? is 'atvi' worth investing in? we break down activision-blizzard's 2nd quarterly report of 2017 in our 10th (woohoo!) episode!

Episode 009: what does tiered pricing look like for video games? also, steve and vic discuss buying an esports team!  they also discuss the $10 million price tag riot just announced.  steve and vic give up on buying an esports team!

Episode 008: farewell, e32017! we compare our predictions from episode 007 and ponder if starfox 2 will spell success for the recently announced snes classic!

Episode 007: We are joined by Special Guest, Kitt Boyd, to talk about Console Exclusivity and Activision's upcoming Destiny 2 release.  Why is vivendi looking to perform a hostile takeover of ubisoft? Dayz is finally going into BETA after 4 years, Hot wheels take on forza, and gears of war movie! Looking forward, we close out with our top 5 e3 predictions.

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Episode 006: We are joined by Special Guest, Kristen Dales, to talk about investor relations as we walk through the recent activision 10k.  Where is SONY looking to go next with the PSVR, and what is xbox thinking with the scorpio?  JOIN US as we talk about esports college scholarships and recap our top 5 Games that were worth the money we spent!

Episode 005: Who are the real 'developers'? can the new ps now go toe-to-toe with xbox game pass? join us as we bid a fond farewell to battle.net and recap our top 5 mass effect moments!

Episode 004: how do consoles follow the tech adoption curve? why is it important to foster diversity in the industry? why do burn rates decide who gets fired? did vic really break a new nintendo switch?

Episode 003: What's a 'Freemium' game? Are game reviews good for sales and bad for developers? What is Gamestop thinking? let's talk horizon: zero dawn!

Episode 002:  How do you calculate Customer Lifetime Value? what's with the Oculus Lawsuit? why does the u.n. care about video games? plus, our first listener question!

Episode 001: Our pilot episode! We talk about Daily Active Users, the Nintendo Switch, and our predictions for 2017!